Estate Planning & Probate

Estate Planning & Probate

TBLF represents individuals with the planning of their estate as they determine how their personal property and other affairs should be handled in the event of long-term incapacitation or death. Estate planning is a subject that people often avoid and reluctantly address. TBLF works to assure the client is at ease while guiding them through very sensitive matters. Our estate planning members work to identify the client’s long-term goals with regard to health, finances, property, and other long-term life decisions.  

TBLF’s Probate practice assists clients with navigating the probate court process. This entails representing family members through the court process to determine the distribution of a loved one’s assets. The probate process can be an intimidating process that is handled after a person has experienced a significant loss. The Firm works with clients to guide them through the proceedings while remaining empathetic of the client’s circumstances and the sensitivity of the process. Our services include:

  • Will Preparation
  • Will Administration
  • Living Trusts
  • Guardianships
  • Intestate Estate Administration (Probate without a will)
  • Affidavits of Heirship
  • Advance Directives
  • Powers of Attorney
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I’m David Tarbet and I would love to help your family create a unique estate plan.

Mr. Tarbet has extensive experience in creating unique estate plans for individuals that aid their families, friends, and beneficiaries in times of loss.  He understands the tax ramifications and tax planning techniques available to lessen the tax burdens on the transfer of wealth between generations. He can design and explain complicated and sophisticated planning techniques in a manner that is easily comprehensible.

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